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If you're looking for a simple website to serve as a web based brochure for your company then I have the skills you need to create both a visual presence and an informational structure that will be your virtual representative on the internet. People like visiting websites and taking time to get to know a company's products and philosophies. A web presence is now a fundamental way of communicating with existing and future customers. The design process for websites is much the same as that for interiors. First, I ask questions and listen. Then together we craft a look and structure that works for you. The cost of the site depends upon it's complexity. I charge $65/hr. Small websites with limited graphics can be very reasonably priced at about $1,000- $1,500. Extended design time and work on custom graphics will boost the price. Once the scope of the site is determined then I set an estimate and work begins. I've found the designing of websites to be both challenging and rewarding. Please call or e-mail: 616-891-0769 or It doesn't cost anything to start a conversation and consider working with me.

The website you are viewing now was designed and constructed by me, Sue Norman. I intentionally kept it visually simple with a focus on content. I used a color palette that reflects the palette of all my business correspondences.

I researched, designed, and constructed this website as a sustainable research assistant for interior designers. This site was the motivation for me to learn website design skills. I employed many sophisticated behind the scenes strategies for the Preview home page. And have included two different types of navigation on the secondary pages both of which allow for a site with several levels of pages. I have a subscription and payment system that was purchased as a package. I have customized it to suit my needs. Begin at the home page and then click on the Preview button to see an example of each type of page.

I worked with Ken Porter of Body and Soul somatic therapy to design this brochure website for him. I also created a simple set of instructions and included tutoring time so that he can now make his own updates to the content. Check out the site and consider a visit for some body work, I can recommend it.